[toggle type=”white” title=”Do you buy Gold & Silver?”]Yes, we pay competitive scrap prices.  If we can sell it as jewelry we pay a little more.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Do you have someone who repairs jewelry?”]Yes, Jeffery’s Jewelry is located in our location.  He repairs fine and costume jewelry.  He also repairs watch batteries and car remotes.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Do you buy antiques & collecitibles?”]Yes, we purchase single items or whole estates. Feel free to request an estimate by calling 1-785-404-6030 or stopping into our location.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”If I have some items for sale will you come out to look at them?”]Yes, just give us a call to schedule a convenient time.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Do you appraise items?”]No, I do not appraise items. If you have an item to sell I will gladly make an offer but this is not an appraisal.[/toggle]

[toggle type=”white” title=”Do you take consignments?”]No, I rent space to dealers. The dealer is responsible for providing their own shelving. They are responsible for keeping their area clean.  Also on a monthly basis they are responsible to pay rent and sales commission.[/toggle]

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